Lab experiment measuring properties of a tungsten filament from an incandescent bulb. The resistance of the tungsten filament is dependent on its temperature (current). Experiment is set up to study this dependence and to test whether (and in which range of temperatures) the Stefan-Boltzmann law holds. To do that, a set of measurements can be carried out. Using a broken bulb the diameter of the filament can be found. One can also measure the resistance of the filament, plot current-voltage curve (until breaking) and find the emissivity of the filament in the range where SB law holds. The specific heat of the filament can also be calculated.
(Tungsten Filament)
Experiment kitWN2017
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Incandescent bulbs with a tungsten filament



Power supply/power adapter

Electrolyte capacitor



Test leads


Spare parts (including up to 2000 spare bulbs)
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