The coolest bike light project has now been closed.

Everybody from the Velodroom team continues working on awesome projects at Flydog Marine, Redfish and Hedgehog. On a side of all those projects, we could not do Velodroom just because we wanted it.

What happened?

To execute well, we needed to focus on Velodroom. To produce VD lights without making compromises in quality, we needed a reasonable budget. To raise funds we had to work on the project and only on the project. To make sales we had to sell. And we needed time,  with 100% commitment. This we failed.

What did we learn?

Always make what people want. People do want a light like Velodroom. We have seen it from e-mail sign-ups. New “where can I get it” and “shut up and take my money” requests are rolling in every day. Even now,  years after the campaign, there are bikers needing it — wanting it.

Hedgehog is an Estonian electronics engineering bureau, founded in 2011. Their office and lab are in Tartu Science Park. They are dedicated to researching, engineering and producing hardware with low energy consumption and high reliability.


  • Electronics/PCB design, analysis and optimization
  • Firmware development
  • Custom scientific instrumentation
  • Sensors and monitoring devices
  • Test and measurement devices

Redfish helps to jump start your ideas by refining, shaping, visualizing them. They provide industrial design services emphasizing user experience, uniqueness, visual quality.


  • User oriented product design development
  • Concept & entertainment design
  • Vehicle design
  • Presentation materials
  • 3d CAD modeling

Flydog produces and supplies marine/oceanic buoys, smart data-loggers and software solutions. Mainly dealing with environmental data collection for the environmental, oceanic, oil and gas sector.


  • Product design
  • Consultancy